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Tips For Recruitment

What to wear - Casual skirts and dresses are appropriate for rounds one and three. Comfortable footwear is important to keep in mind during these rounds, as PNMs will be walking to and from most houses and standing. Round two (house tours) is t-shirt day and PNMs will be provided a recruitment t-shirt to wear during the day. Lightweight fabrics are a necessity because of the hot weather! The final round (prefs) is more formal, therefore clothing similar to what one might wear to a wedding or religious ceremony is considered appropriate. Many women choose to wear black dresses and heels/wedges, although this is not a requirement. This being said, the most important thing to remember when dressing throughout recruitment is to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing!

Be Yourself!  The girls are looking forward to getting to know you -- pick the chapter that best matches your personality, don’t try to match theirs.
Keep an open mind.  Dismiss the stereotypes and form your own opinions about chapters and Greek life in general.
Get to know the chapters.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions, girls will be more than willing to answer any and all questions you have and this helps you learn new things about the chapter!
Try it out.  Even if you’re unsure about going Greek, give it a chance, if you decided not to go Greek you have at least had the opportunity to meet a few new friends!
Look for the place you feel most comfortable.  Remember, these are girls you could be living with in the future and sharing many college and lifelong memories with!
Trust the process.  Sorority recruitment is well thought out in order to give every girl an equal chance to find their perfect house.
Take a deep breath.  Remember, each sorority is trying to win you over! You hold more cards than you even realize. 
There is nothing to be afraid of. The fear you have of finding the right place for you is the same fear sorority members feel in trying to find their future members. Take a deep breath and relax!​​