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Chapter Recruitment

We are already excited to meet each and every Potential New Member in August! With all the preparations that recruitment entails, we want to make sure everyone has helpful information from us to make the process go smoothly! If you’d like to look at more about us, check out our TumblrFacebook, or Instagram accounts! 

Recruitment Forms

We do not require recommendation/reference forms for anyone, but they’re encouraged.

Any Kappa alumni is able to write a recommendation for any potential new member, whether or not the alumni knows the PNM personally. Find more information from UGA Panhellenic HERE.

We have switched to an online reference form and instructions on how to do that is listed under Join Kappa, and then select References and Legacies.  To submit a reference visit and log in.

In order to ensure time for our recruitment chairs to review all recommendations, we hope to receive all recommendations by August 1st, 2016.

2017 Recruitment Days

Round 1, Day 1 – Open House  To start off formal recruitment, potential new members will visit 11 of the 18 sorority houses. They will have the chance to get to know each individual house by talking to active members of the sorority.

Round 1, Day 2 – Open House  Potential new members will visit the remaining 7 sorority houses.

Round 2, Day 3 – House Tours  Potential new members will have the opportunity to visit and tour up to 13 sorority houses. During this round, PNMs will get a look inside the rooms of the house, and learn more about each chapter.

Round 3, Day 4 – Philanthropy Round  PNMs will narrow their selection by 6 houses, and have the opportunity to visit up to 7 houses. This round, each sorority will showcase their philanthropic endeavors, in addition to the chapter’s individual personality.

Round 4, Day 5 – Preferential Round  Potential new members select up to 3 houses they wish to return to for Preferential Events. This event is more serious than previous rounds as PNMs will be making the final decisions on which sorority they prefer. This is the sorority’s final opportunity to show what it means to be a member of their chapter and what their chapter has to offer.

Feel free to contact our recruitment chairs at any time if you have any questions! We can’t wait to see y’all in August!

Sayer Delk: & Taylor MacNaughton: